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Common Lawn Problems and Solutions

It is safe to say that you want to have the lawn of your dreams, but your desires can be faced with problems. There are many common problems that might negatively affect your lawn but fortunately, Top Cut Lawn Care Service can help you at not just identifying these problems but also assists you with effective lawn solutions. Below are many common lawn problems we come across during our lawn services:

Your Lawn Does Not Get Enough Sunlight

If you lawn is not growing in some areas, you may need to:

  1. Trim the shrubs or trees that are blocking the sunlight.
  2. Move your furniture, such as chairs or umbrellas, if they are blocking sunlight.
  3. Change the type of grass to one that grows better without much sunlight, often referred to as a shade mix.

lawn care problem

Weed infestation

There are two types of weeds: grassy weeds, like fox tail, crabgrass and other weeds, and the other type are broad leaf weeds, like clover,dandelion, chickweed or other weeds. So it is required to take precautionary measure in order to avoid weed infestation.

Insects and Arachnid infestation

Arachnids (8-legged bugs) and insects (6-legged bugs) can damage your lawn, rummaging through the dirt, chomping up the blades of grass and biting humans and animals around the lawn. Pest infestations can cause different lawn problems and even be dangerous at times. Make sure your lawn is well-protected and set up to avoid infestations from growing.

Drainage Problem

If your lawn does not drain properly, it may cause other lawn issues. For example, it may happen that you are getting too much water in one part of your lawn, and too little in other spots. Standing water can be a breeding ground for pests such as mosquitoes, which are a very large nuisance.

Lawn Diseases

There are different diseases that can hurt your lawn, diseases such as fairy ring, snow mold and many others can hinder the lawn you worked so hard for. Because there are so different types of lawn diseases, it is difficult to treat the problem directly. The most effective way is keep your lawn properly maintained throughout the whole year. With regular fertilization, mulch installation, proper watering and mowing your lawn, you can make sure that your plants are strong enough and have the required nutrients to ward off many types of diseases.

Pest Control

Mice, groundhogs, moles, voles, skunks and raccoon are among the various animals that may be running around your lawn and causing damage. Controlling animals also includes insect control, because animals such as moles feed on grubs, and burrow through the lawn to get at them.

Lawn Growth Issues

There may be many reasons due to which your lawn may not be growing as thick and lush as you would like. You may need to have your lawn water differently, reseeded or overseeded, or have fertilizer applied. You lawn may have one or more of the above-mentioned problems affecting it or you may require to have a different type of seed planted in your lawn. Whatever the problem you should speak to Top Cut Lawn Care Service to help diagnose the problem and work with you to get your lawn growing the way it should.

Solutions to Lawn Problems

Once your lawn is acquiring the appropriate nutrients and water, and being regularly mowed and aerated, it will be less susceptible to many common lawn problems like diseases, weeds and insects.


Some Important Considerations For Your Lawn!

There are some important things to take into consideration if you want to have a lush and great looking lawn. In this post you can learn the required steps in obtaining a beautiful lawn, which you and your family can enjoy together. You may take these steps yourself if you have the required experience and available time, or you may hire a professional lawn care service company like Top Cut Lawn Care to do the job for you. Below are the steps in obtaining a lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood:

lawn consideration

  1. Watering

An important part of keeping your lawn healthy is making sure that it has enough water to survive. Often times mother nature takes care of this, especially in spring and fall, however in the mid‐summer months we can get droughts which will begin to dry up and burn out the lawn. In these conditions it is important to make sure that your lawn receives about two inches of water per week in order for it to survive, but this can vary depending on conditions.

  1. Lawn Fertilization

Your lawn requires nourishment in order to thrive and grow properly. The next required step in your journey of obtaining the perfect yard is through regular lawn fertilization and weed control. This helps your lawn become lush and controls weeds such as broad-leaf, dandelion, clover, chickweed, crabgrass and many other weeds that affect the health and look of your landscape, these weeds can grow high and overpower the healthy grass of your lawn. Pulling weeds yourself is often not enough to stop them from invading. The truth is that by the time you have to pull these weeds, they have already gotten a foothold in your lawn. Also, if you have weeds growing in your landscape beds, a natural and effective way to stop weeds can be to install mulch in your landscape beds. Mulch installation can be done around trees, the perimeter of the house, or anywhere you choose! Mulch installation is most effective with a minimum installation depth of 3” as this blocks sunlight from reaching the soil in order to stops weeds from growing. Mulch can add a nice touch to help you achieve a beautiful, weed‐free landscape.

  1. Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing does not mean to just simply cut the grass, but it also requires knowledge of the different types of grasses, soil conditions, terrain, and the recommended height by which the grass needs to be mowed. Lawn cutting seems like a very easy and basic task to do but it is labor intensive and requires experience and knowledge in order to receive the optimal care of your lawn. Every lawn is unique so it requires a unique lawn cutting, every lawn technician should know the optimal and most effective navigation patterns of a lawn’s terrain in order to achieve the most evenly cut lawn and superb looking yard.

  1. Pest Management

Different kinds of pests like moles, mice, voles, ground-hogs and other animals can destroy your beautiful lawn. Insects, especially mosquitoes and ticks, can be very pesky, other insects also feed on your lawn, shrubs and plants as well which is why it is important to integrate pest management into your to‐do list.

  1. Regular Lawn Maintenance

The previous four steps are essential in obtaining a picturesque landscape, however doing them in the incorrect interval or at the wrong time can deem them ineffective. Regular Lawn Maintenance at its suggested intervals is vital in achieving the yard you dream of. Making sure your lawn is being cared regularly and in the appropriate manner is the only way to have a lush lawn, beautiful landscape, and strong and healthy plants throughout the year.

Top Cut Lawn Care Services

Top Cut Lawn Care is a reputed lawn care service company providing the best lawn care service​s like lawn maintenance, mulch installation​, landscaping, over seeding, aeration, seasonal cleanup and shrub and tree trimming. Simply choose Top Cut Lawn Care as your all‐in‐one solution for true lawn care you desire.


Lawn Mowing Service for a Lush Lawn!

A well maintained and beautiful lawn is a pride for homeowners, yet there is more to do than just watering the shrubs, plants and grass in your yard to make it look attractive. A beautiful and eye catching lawn not only needs just the lawn cut but also an understanding of the grass type, the recommended height by which the grass needs to be trimmed and many other essential maintenance needs of your lawn.Although lawn mowing seems to be a fairly easy task to do, it is really a very labor intensive job if you really want the optimum care for your lawn. One of the first things that you should know is how to navigate your lawn’s terrain in order to achieve the most evenly cut lawn. Every lawn is unique and its’ maintenance requires experience in order to achieve the perfect cut.


One important factor you must consider in lawn mowing is the blade height. Most lawn mowers have a setting to adjust the height of the cut to whatever your lawn requires.When cutting your lawn, it is recommended to set it at the middle height. If the height is too low it either scalp or cause the lawn to scorch under the sun and burn, and if you will cut the grass of your lawn too long, it will become difficult to cut on your next mowing.While mowing your lawn, you need to incorporate a pattern to follow. A pattern is essential in order to make sure you have covered all areas of your lawn and have trimmed every grass blade in the lawn. The recommended and easy pattern is to mow in straight lines or rows along any of the sides of your lawn or garden. With this easy to implement pattern, you may achieve evenly cut lines with no spots left uncut.

If you have a bed or bench in the middle of your lawn and you have reached the area, you need to circle this bed/bench too. In order to prevent from getting lawn clippings in the mulch beds or on the bench, you will need to cut up to 2 rows around the bed or bench. If you are catching the trimmings in a bag, you need to pay close attention to when it gets full. The fact is, if this bag gets too full with clippings, grass clumps may fall back to the mowed grass and the grass under neath the clumps may die. It is better to leave the clippings on the ground as you mow so it will naturally compost, which will enrich the soil as well as the grass.

Only mow your lawn at the recommended rate, which can vary depending on your region. If you mow your lawn too much it will not only waste your time, energy and put wear and tear on your equipment, but it’s also not healthy for your lawn.Try to mow your lawn on a fine and dry day, if you decide to mow your lawn when it is wet the clippings may stick to the mower blades and deck which will cause it to clump up and may kill your grass underneath the clumps left behind.

If you are a busy homeowner and are worried about your lawn maintenance, you may hire a professional lawn cutting service provider to take care of your lawn.