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Outputs Of Best Lawn Care Service

As your hairstyle and clothing is a unique reflection of your personality, the same idea applies to your lawn, it is a reflection of the person caring for it. In order to have a beautiful and lush lawn that you can really showcase… well, you already know, it takes work. The most important thing is to know which lawn care services can most effectively help you achieve a picture perfect lawn that you love.

In order to have an eye-catching, healthy, and green lawn that you will love requires patience, ongoing lawn care and the knowledgeable hands of certified professionals who understand the science behind lawn care and landscape care. We are not just talking about the basic lawn maintenance of mowing or edging, but what we mean is the specific lawn care services that achieve such results which you can see, feel and experience over time.

best lawn care service

Get benefits from lawn care service

Do you know that what a full service lawn care service plan can deliver you?

A robust lawn care plan should provide everything from fertilizing and weed control to lawn overseeding as well as lawn aeration. This all will result in a lawn you can be proud of and will grab the attention and envy of your neighbors.

With a full service lawn care service plan you can enjoy the following:

A Healthy Lawn

Healthy trees, shrubs and plants contribute to a healthy environment and maintain air quality around your home. This happens because trees, shrubs and plants absorbs air pollutants like smog, CO2 (carbon dioxide) and SO2 (sulfur dioxide). The fresh air keeps you mentally fresh, active and leaves a very good impact on your health.

Money Savings

Protecting and enhancing grass, shrubs and trees of your lawn helps your pocketbook because it can increase your property value. Healthy, mature trees shading your home will definitely help you to reduce the price of your electricity bills especially during the summer season.

Ongoing Attention

To stay healthy your lawn and landscape requires ongoing attention. Regular maintenance of your lawn requires time, skill and attention; if you hire a lawn care service company then the company will take all the responsibility of the maintenance of your lawn and landscape. A professional lawn care company will constantly look after your lawn and will remove the guesswork and ensure your lawn gets exactly what it needs at exactly the right time.

Guaranteed Outcomes

To bring out your lawn’s full potential requires the right help at the right time. A professional lawn care company, like Top Cut Lawn Care, can ensure that your lawn is getting exactly what it needs at the right time throughout the year.  

Identification of Pests & Lawn Diseases

The growth of the grass and plants sometimes stops due to the pests or lawn diseases. A Lawn Care Company like Top Cut Lawn Care facilitates you with the knowledge of lawn diseases and pests that may harm your lawn.

Best Lawn Care Tools

The professional lawn care companies utilizes expensive equipment that are most efficient and safe on your lawn, which will help in keeping your lawn beautiful.

If you live in Brookfield, WI or Southeastern WI and you have any lawn care concerns contact a Top Cut Lawn Care expert at (262) 309-7452.


Common Lawn Problems and Solutions

It is safe to say that you want to have the lawn of your dreams, but your desires can be faced with problems. There are many common problems that might negatively affect your lawn but fortunately, Top Cut Lawn Care Service can help you at not just identifying these problems but also assists you with effective lawn solutions. Below are many common lawn problems we come across during our lawn services:

Your Lawn Does Not Get Enough Sunlight

If you lawn is not growing in some areas, you may need to:

  1. Trim the shrubs or trees that are blocking the sunlight.
  2. Move your furniture, such as chairs or umbrellas, if they are blocking sunlight.
  3. Change the type of grass to one that grows better without much sunlight, often referred to as a shade mix.

lawn care problem

Weed infestation

There are two types of weeds: grassy weeds, like fox tail, crabgrass and other weeds, and the other type are broad leaf weeds, like clover,dandelion, chickweed or other weeds. So it is required to take precautionary measure in order to avoid weed infestation.

Insects and Arachnid infestation

Arachnids (8-legged bugs) and insects (6-legged bugs) can damage your lawn, rummaging through the dirt, chomping up the blades of grass and biting humans and animals around the lawn. Pest infestations can cause different lawn problems and even be dangerous at times. Make sure your lawn is well-protected and set up to avoid infestations from growing.

Drainage Problem

If your lawn does not drain properly, it may cause other lawn issues. For example, it may happen that you are getting too much water in one part of your lawn, and too little in other spots. Standing water can be a breeding ground for pests such as mosquitoes, which are a very large nuisance.

Lawn Diseases

There are different diseases that can hurt your lawn, diseases such as fairy ring, snow mold and many others can hinder the lawn you worked so hard for. Because there are so different types of lawn diseases, it is difficult to treat the problem directly. The most effective way is keep your lawn properly maintained throughout the whole year. With regular fertilization, mulch installation, proper watering and mowing your lawn, you can make sure that your plants are strong enough and have the required nutrients to ward off many types of diseases.

Pest Control

Mice, groundhogs, moles, voles, skunks and raccoon are among the various animals that may be running around your lawn and causing damage. Controlling animals also includes insect control, because animals such as moles feed on grubs, and burrow through the lawn to get at them.

Lawn Growth Issues

There may be many reasons due to which your lawn may not be growing as thick and lush as you would like. You may need to have your lawn water differently, reseeded or overseeded, or have fertilizer applied. You lawn may have one or more of the above-mentioned problems affecting it or you may require to have a different type of seed planted in your lawn. Whatever the problem you should speak to Top Cut Lawn Care Service to help diagnose the problem and work with you to get your lawn growing the way it should.

Solutions to Lawn Problems

Once your lawn is acquiring the appropriate nutrients and water, and being regularly mowed and aerated, it will be less susceptible to many common lawn problems like diseases, weeds and insects.


Fall Lawn Care Checklist

Do you want to have a lush and picture perfect lawn by next spring and summer, the best time to start is in the fall before your lawn goes dormant for the winter. Having a great looking and healthy lawn year-round can be a seemingly overwhelming challenge. Fortunately, with the fall lawn maintenance checklist provided below you will be guided in steps to properly prepare your lawn for the coming seasons.

Fall lawn care tips

  1. Rake Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves are nice to look at, but once they fall on your lawn, you need to rake them or use a leaf blower to remove them. If the leaves remain on your lawn it prevent your grass from getting the sunlight and air required to survive and thrive. This could result in unpleasant repercussions, including lawn disease. You should do this at least once a week for maximum benefits. Depending on the amount of leave, you may also be able to use a mulching mower to chop up these leaves.

  1. Seed And Feed

To have a beautiful, attractive and healthy lawn next year, remember these words: “seed and feed”. By using Top Cut Lawn Care Service’s seeding service this fall, you can plant the seed to a better lawn.

Seeding & Feeding Your Lawn in Fall can have a Variety of Benefits:

  • Services include slitting or slicing the soil of your lawn to make it more likely for the grass seeds to drop into and grow. A thicker, lusher lawn means less chance of lawn diseases, weeds, or insect’s infestation in your lawn.
  • Top Cut Lawn Care Service can help you correctly aerate your soil and your lawn – soil aeration is vital to lawn growth. After your lawn has been aerated it is also a great option to have grass seed applied onto the freshly aerated ground.


  1. Fall Lawn Fertilization

Appropriate lawn fertilizing is also a critical part of good lawn growth. Lawn fertilizing provides a slew of required nutrients for your lawn to store and use in the winter. Even when in the winter your lawn is dormant, the roots of grass will keep on growing during this time, so proper fertilization can help prepare your lawn for spring.

  1. Mow Your Lawn Before The Winter

At the end of fall, you can more closely mow your lawn. However, never cut off more than 1/3 of the lawn at once, this is not good for its health; you also do not want to scalp it. It’s very important for prolonged lawn health to pay attention to the right height to mow your grass. If you do not have enough time you may hire the professional’s at Top Cut Lawn Care Service to complete the job.

Remember, to have a picture perfect lawn next spring and summer, the time to start work is right now. Use the checklist above to make sure your lawn is ready for the coming months. If you need more information on treating your lawn in the fall, contact your local Top Cut Lawn Care Service professional for tips and help.


Properly Overseeding Your Lawn

A beautiful lawn is something that everyone wants to be able to enjoy. After all, don’t you want something beautiful for your children or pets to play on? To enjoy backyard cookouts and barbecues with family and friends? However, in order to have a picturesque lawn you may need to consider having your lawn over-seeded. There are times where you may need to reseed or over-seed your lawn in order to bring it to its full potential. In this article you can learn all about over-seeding and determining if it may be right for your lawn.

lawn overseeding

What is Lawn Over-seeding?

Lawn over-seeding is mechanically agitating grass seed into slits in the ground. It is not a drastic measure like a complete lawn renovation, but it will most definitely help your lawn look more beautiful, full and green. Generally speaking, if more than 40 percent of your lawn needs to be replaced or repaired, lawn renovation is required. If under 40 percent of the lawn needs repair, then it can be handled by lawn over-seeding without doing a full lawn renovation.


Why Might Your Lawn Need Overseeding?

Below are some reasons to consider lawn over-seeding:

  • Certain areas of your lawn are looking thin
  • Your lawn has bare patches
  • Your lawn is looking brown
  • There are damages in different areas of your lawn due to overuse
  • Weeds have damaged your lawn or started to overrun areas
  • Different insects have affected your lawn
  • Animals such asvoles or moles have damaged your lawn
  • To mix in a more hardy seed with the current lawn to make your lawn look more lush

The Best Time to Overseed Your Lawn

In different regions of the United States, the best time to over-seed your lawn is in August or September, in the early fall and late summer. An advantage of seeding later in the year is when Weeds are less prone to germinating and growing in your yard which will create better conditions for the seed to grow in.

Below are the steps involved in lawn over-seeding:

Diagnose lawn issues: First of all you should know the reason why your lawn is not growing well in certain areas, it may be due to lack of sunlight,a drainage issues, a disease, or pest infestation. Such problems should be treated before overseeding.

Picking out best seed: Find out the best type of seed to use if you are intending to add an additional type of grass to what you currently have. Make sure you pick the correct grass seed specific to your region and also the conditions they will be in such as a full sun or full shade mix.

Clear Your lawn:  Remove all debris, branches, and leaves from your lawn. Mark off any landmarks such as sprinkler heads or anything other items that may be damaged by over-seeding equipment.

Treat the Weeds: Make sure to treat the weeds before planting in new grass seed. Otherwise, the weeds might continue to grow and take over. New grass seed will not germinate if a crabgrass pre-emergent has recently been applied to the lawn.

Test the Soil: Test your lawn’s soil pH balance to make sure that there are no underlying problems in it.

Treat Your Lawn With Fertilizer: Fertilization will make sure that when the new seeds are planted, they are more likely to thrive and grow.

Mow Your Lawn:Prior to over-seeding make sure that you mow the lawn so that you can give the seeds time to grow without being disturbed by a lawn mower.

Aerate and Rake:Removing soil compaction from your lawn can help to make it more responsive to new seeds.

Plant the Seeds: Once you selected the best seeds to plant and your lawn’s soil is ready, try to spread the seeds evenly across the soil. Lawn care services like Top Cut Lawn Care offer power seeding treatments that will make sure seeds are spread evenly across the lawn by the use of mechanical equipment.
Water Your Lawn: Regular watering will help newly planted seeds to grow, 15-20 minutes of watering a few times a day and then slowly decrease the watering schedule over a few week span.

Treat Your Lawn Carefully: Be careful with the new patches of grass in  your lawn, the way you would be careful with new plants. Do not mow or walk on the newly seeded areas until the grass reaches two to three inches in height.
Have Sharp Mower Blades:  It isvery important to havesharp lawn mower blades for you lawn mower, especially when you are going to use the mower on new grass. A mower with dull blades will not only do a lousy job cuttingbut it is also more susceptible to lawn diseases as it actually tears the grass instead of cutting it.


It is an essential part of proper lawn maintenance to fill out your lawn and make sure it has all required nutrients to continue to grow and be strong enough to protect itself. If your lawn needs to be over-seeded do not put it off, the sooner you have your lawn over-seeded, the sooner you will have a perfect lawn in which you and your family can enjoy.